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In a world driven by progress and the desire to uplift, our company has been deeply committed to making a difference through a range of community engagement and sponsorship initiatives.

In 2018 InSIST Global LTD organised the first ever Robotics competition in the country with the goal of nurturing the budding talents of future engineers and inventors, empowering young minds to explore their creative potential and contribute to technological advancement.

In a commitment to foster gender equality and empower young women in STEM fields to further contribute to this technological advancement of the country at large, we continue to support initiatives such as the Women in STEM Association and Gamchix—a non-profit organization of female engineers in The Gambia. Through our efforts to provide STEM awareness to future leaders, we are collectively working to bridge the gender gap in traditionally male-dominated industries, highlighting the importance of equipping every individual with the tools to succeed in the ever-changing tech landscape.

Also recognising the evolving landscape of entertainment and technology, we've extended our support to the National Gamers Association, event programs seeking to celebrate our young talents within the creative industries as well as championing the National Spelling Bee Competition. This has been an avenue for supporting young minds as they master the intricacies of language,we actively contribute to nurturing a generation of eloquent communicators and critical thinkers celebrating the convergence of art, language and technology while engaging enthusiasts from all walks of life.