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We were selected by the ITC to develop the first NAQAA-accredited curriculum for mobile application developers. The curriculum was developed by our CEO Dr Jorjoh Ndure-Tambedou and our CTO, Mr Mbanyick B Joof. The objective of the pilot program was to develop a curriculum which would be used to train students to become Junior Application developers/testers; and equip them with the theoretical/technical knowledge and best practices needed to translate into measurable improvements in the ICT sector. It focuses on using both native and cross platform technologies, and developing skills on application development that could run on both IOS and Android operating systems.

The curriculum is tailored to meet our market needs and target trainees; senior secondary school/university graduates who most likely have had limited experience in programming. They are taught the fundamentals of programming; using a combination of tutorials, the computer laboratory, workshops, practicals, online tasks and structured internships; in order to get them to develop the required skills and knowledge enabling them to develop applications. The main objective is to train them well enough to be able to write effective programs for different applications in real-life situations thereby making them not only employable, but making an impact in society.