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In the ever-evolving modern world, technology is not only changing how we live but also how businesses are run. Afrijula is a cutting-edge easy-to-use business management tool kick-started with funding from the UNCDF was developed to give businesses, especially SMEs, a digital push! Entrepreneurs with little or no financial background or knowledge can use the platform to effortlessly manage their business, document their finances, and access insightful reports and analytics, all in real-time! Built with the African context in mind, Afrijula avails entrepreneurs support features that makes the navigation of the tool seamless

Afrijula has an integrated ecommerce marketplace to suit the business set up and design of the African market and a digital loan application platform where entrepreneurs can apply for financing.

As of June 2023, Afrijula has recorded a massive subscriber count of over 9000 (nine thousand) entrepreneurs who have also undergone a hands-on introduction to Digital and Financial Literacy, helping them and those aspiring to be entrepreneurs amplify their entrepreneurial journeys.